Week of April 13, 2016: Devin Quintana

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Pledge of the Week


Congrats to last week's Pledge of the Week: Devin Quintana!

Devin is currently a first year student at UT planning to major in Advertising and RTF. He was rewarded Pledge of the Week by attending Alpha Phi Omega's Co-Sectionals Conference. Devin was one of the few students to represent our chapter at the event, and one of the only pledges! He has also been participating in many of hour other activities by contributing many service hours to our organization. He is most excited about being able to contribute and volunteer with our chapter, and in his free time he enjoys reconnecting with his friend's back in his hometown.


Week of April 6th, 2016: Pledge Faith Meza

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Pledge of the Week


Congrats to our Pledge of the Week this past week: Faith Meza!

Faith is a second year Public Health major. She was awarded pledge of the week because during our Girl Scouts University (GSU) event, Faith taught first aid to the Junior Girl Scouts. Without Faith this past week, our GSU event would not have run so smoothly and our events rely on the teachers so much that we really appreciated a pledge stepping up and teaching for our event! She is most looking forward to the many relationships she is going to be building in APO along with being able to volunteer more. In her free time she enjoys just relaxing and watching Netflix.


State of the Chapter-March 29th

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We are quickly approaching the very first Girl Scout University!!! This is a very exciting event that our Girl Scout University Coordinators have been working very hard all year to put on successfully! They and their committee have been working so diligently on this event, and it will show on Saturday! Our first GSU is going to be great due to their hard work. If you are a volunteering at GSU,  thank you for helping make this event a success! If you see either of our coordinators, make sure to thank them for all of their hard work.

This weekend is also Pledge-Active Picnic. This is a very important event for our chapter, and our Fellowship Chairs have been working diligently to plan a fun and exciting event. This is an event that, every semester, allows our chapter to come together as one. We will have a chance to just relax in this beautiful spring weather as one chapter. This event allows our chapter to come back together every semester. Wear your pledge class shirt, no matter how long ago you pledged. Use this event as an opportunity to come back together with your pledge class, use it as a big-little event, and use it as a time to meet a new bRHOther. This event has always been one of my favorite events of each semester, make it one of yours.

Today we will be passing our Operations Manual changes and starting discussion on this year’s Bylaws changes. This semester we are making some significant changes to both documents. I encourage you to approach these changes with an open mind. During meeting, ask questions, give your opinions, but please do not shut down changes before a constructive discussion has had a chance to occur. Our Bylaws and Operations Manual Chairs have worked so hard all semester to hear what the chapter wanted to change. They have made themselves available regularly to hear changes from all members. Now is the time for the chapter as a whole to look over these changes and approve which ones they feel will allow our chapter to continue to grow. Always remember that no change will go into affect without chapter approval.

The chapter has been able to accomplish great things so far this semester. I am so proud of our chapter officers and our chapter members and everything they have done this semester. Our officers this semester have shown so much dedication to the chapter and I thank each and every one of you. I encourage you all to keep up the hard work on this home stretch. We are one chapter, one officer team, and I hope that we can continue the great we all strive to accomplish as this semester continues.

In Leadership, Friendship, and Service,

Cassie Isbell

Chapter President

ARAPOUT February 29-March 6, 2016

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Week in Review

The Project 2016

image01 image30 image06


Blood Drive!

image02 image03  image05   


Explore UT

image00 image08 image13


Texas Independence Day Parade!




image12 image14image17 


Upcoming Events

SURE Walk! Sign up! Do it for Craig!



Below the Belt

March 31 at 6pm in UTC 3.132

Earn a leadership AND a friendship credit!

Presented by The Q!

image22 image27 image31


Officer of the Week


Emily James

Pfeffer, Fall 2015


Member of the Week


Emily Ann Pack

Pfeffer, Fall 2015


Pledge of the Week


Ellen Hammond


Service Shovel


Jessica Reyes

Frischman, Spring 2016


Week of March 6, 2016: Emily Ann Pack

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AoTW Emily Ann

Congratulations to Member of the Week Emily Ann Pack!

Emily Ann is a Pfeffer and junior studying biochemistry. Her favorite part of APO is her awesome family, and her favorite service project is the Q. She is from Odessa, Texas and loves to travel – in fact, she has visited over a dozen countries!

In the week preceding Spring Break, Emily Ann was a huge help to our chapter through her awesome work on the biannual blood drive! As a member of the Blood Drive Committee, she was an integral part of our Blood Drive Coordinator Emily’s ability to keep things running smoothly all week.

State of the Chapter-March 20th

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This past week was Spring Break, and our brothers got a well needed break from the rigors of college life. Many of our brothers, myself included went on vacation. Others enjoyed SXSW, including some brothers who volunteered at the event. I hope each and every one of you enjoyed your Spring Break, I know I did.

During the week before Spring Break, we had our second Chapter Appreciation Week, #CAW. Our Active Motivation Chairs planned a laid back week of events that allowed for chapter bonding during a very stressful school week for many of us. It was a great way to celebrate the new bigs our pledge class received and the new littles many of our actives received!

This week we have the Beads for Better Active Project Fundraiser that our SVP is putting on and the Fundraiser for Flint put on by our Public health and Emergency Preparedness Chair(PHEP). These two events will both be going towards great causes, and I encourage you to go out and volunteer at them. They will be occurring Monday-Thursday.

This Tuesday we will also be electing our last officer, the Elections Chair.  This officer will be responsible for running our chapter elections on April 24th. They will choose a committee that will be responsible for setting elections rules and choosing the questions that will be asked of all candidates running for elected office. This position is open to all actives in good standing, including those currently holding an officer position. You may not run for this position if you wish to run for an elected position. I encourage all actives in good standing to attend Tuesday’s full chapter meeting and to consider putting their name in the running for this position.

This Tuesday we will also be starting discussion on Operations Manual Changes. Our Operations Manual Chair has worked very hard all semester to make sure that the changes put before the chapter are worthwhile changes that will benefit the chapter in the long run. I encourage all members to be lively participants in the debates over these changes so that we can leave our chapter in better shape than we found it. In the past, many Operations Manual changes have failed due to lack of chapter participation in the vote. When it comes time to vote on these changes, please pay attention and please vote. If you don’t understand one of the discussion points, please ask a question!

In a little over a month, we will have chapter elections and our 7 Elected Exec positions will be chosen by all actives in good standing. I encourage all members to start thinking about if you would like to apply for an officer position. Elected positions require one active semester, BUT all of our appointed positions are open to the Frishman Pledge Class. If you think you might be interested in an officer position, check the Operations Manual, which can be found under files on the Texas APO Members Facebook page to see a list of all officer positions in our chapter. Talk with the current person in the position or you can always talk to me or any brother you are close to about officer positions.

We are at that point in the semester when requirements are starting to creep up on us. Make sure you are staying on top of your requirements and finishing what you can when you have free time. Don’t leave everything till the last minute because I can almost guarantee that is when you will have exams. Requirements Chair and other officers are there for you if you need help or have questions. Utilize the resources of this chapter. We are one chapter, one brotherhood. We all care about each other and all you have to do is ask if you need help with anything, including non-APO things. Never forget that.

In Leadership, Friendship, and Service,

Cassie Isbell

Chapter President

Week of March 9th, 2016: Pledge Ellen Hammond

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Pledge of the Week



Congrats to our Pledge of the Week this week: Ellen Hammond!

Ellen is a second year, soon to be Corporate Communication/Marketing major. This past week she worked on the committee that helped successfully complete this semester's Blood Drive. She worked the morning and closing shifts of our blood to help set up, and tear down our stand that recruits donors. In her free time she likes to golf and wakeboard. She's most looking forward to learning the history of our chapter, making new friends and running the World's Largest Texas Flag at football games.

State of the Chapter-March 8th

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Last week I attended the monthly Texas Round Table(TRT) meeting. At this meeting, we discussed the possibility of a Spirit Group Week. This would occur during the first few weeks of the semester. The entirety of Texas Round Table saw this new event to be a great way for us to show our impact on the community as the top Spirit Groups on campus. We would display our service hour total, money raised, people helped, etc to show the UT community what this community does. There was a discussion about 3-4 groups each day doing an activity/showing their impact together to allow for more collaboration in this community of leaders. The discussion went to ending the week with a weekend long Sportsball tournaments, with all profits from this event possibly going to Texas Thon. Texas Round Table will be forming a committee to discuss how we can make this event great! I look forward to working on this project and seeing what it can do to help our organization increase our presence on campus.

This past weekend we had Big/Little Reveal. Pledges received their bigs and their families. This is a great time in our chapter, one that allows our Frishman Pledge Class find out the actives that will help mentor them, members that will help these pledges call APO home through the amazing bonds of each line and in each family. Pledges, take advantage of your new bigs, they can be your biggest allies and your biggest supporters as you continue to navigate your pledge semester. Actives, work with your new littles, help them, mentor them, and become the family they need in APO. It is an amazing thing to be a big, and every one of you is what your new littles need right now. Take this responsibility to heart. Every one of you is amazing and was chosen because the individuals in Match-ups felt you could be a great big to one of our pledges.

This week is Chapter Appreciation Week. This is a week where we celebrate each other and how great we are. Our Active Motivation Chairs have planned great events all week for our chapter. Earlier this semester, they created the Alpha Rho Compliments Page, a way for you to compliment and give shout-outs to your fellow bRHOthers. I encourage you to go like the page, and submit compliments to the page. A tradition during Chapter Appreciation Week is to post on members walls what you appreciate about them. I encourage you to go post on your new big/little’s wall, your family’s walls, your friend’s walls, and any members who have touched you this semester.

This week, our Service Vice President has planned this semester’s active project. Active Project has always been a way for our chapter to come together at one project. This semester, the active project will be benefiting a great cause, The Trevor Project. I encourage each and every one of you to come out to this event to help support a great cause. She needs more people to sign-up on APOonline to table on Thursday and Friday in order for this event to be a success.

Tonight we have the Mid-Semester Evaluation, and this is a great way for members to give feedback, and for members to hear the main points from the Mid-Semester Survey. I encourage ALL members to come out. It will be a great event where we all come together to discuss how we can continue to improve as a chapter. I look forward to seeing all of you tonight at this event.

In Leadership, Friendship, and Service,

Cassie Isbell

Chapter President


Week of March 2nd, 2016: Pledge Talia Lassiter

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Congrats to our pledge of the week this past week: Talia Lassiter!!

Talia had some of the most MBU hours and we're recognizing the hard work that was put into that event! Talia is a first year psychology major who enjoys photography in her free time. She is most excited about getting involved in the many events that APO holds in the community and making friends in the process. 

Blood Drive Coordinator – Emily James

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Blood Drive Coordinator - Emily James

Congratulations to our Officer of the Week: Emily James, our Blood Drive Coordinator!

Emily studies Biomedical Engineering here at UT. Her favorite service projects include, of course, Blood Drive, but also Bread Pantry, one of our service projects designed to have a dramatic impact on our community. Her favorite thing about APO is the people, especially how we get together on Sundays for a few hours to hold our chapter meetings. She has made lasting friendships through APO that have helped her become a better leader and a better friend.

This past week, she successfully coordinated a week-long Blood Drive, one of our largest service projects of the year.