ARAPOUT Week of September 18, 2016

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Here’s what our bRhos have been up to for the past week…

Welcome to Alpha Rho, pledges!
Meet the families!
Member shoutouts!
Brother of the Week: Hao Hue


Officers of the Week: Co-Recruitment Chairs Jordon Foster and Gabriela Ochoa


Service Shovel: Emily Ann Pack


Birthdays: Janelle Davis (9/19) and Joseph Flores (9/20)
 And here is the Fall 2016 Officer Board!
Leadership Vice President:
JC Rudy
Flag Coordinators:
Melody Kelm and Jennifer Jones
Hannah West Nover
Alumni/Advisor Liaison:
Matthew Edwards
The Advisors!
Membership Vice President:
Jenny Townzen
Active Motivation Chairs:
Sandro Cervantes, Trevor Young, Cristian Chapa
Betsy Purdes, Zaira Garcia
Interchapter Events:
Michael Ju
Recruitment (Spring 2017):
Brian Ellis, Sarah Bayless
Pledge Program:
Pledge Trainer:
Raul Rodriguez
Old Couple:
Gabriela Ochoa, Samantha Hernandez
Angelina Medellin, Davion Antwine, JC Rudy, Chris Le, Craig Beanland, Sarah Bayless, Adam Lopez, Javi Medina, Andrew Thompson, Hao Hue, Bunmi Akindona, Cynthia Ramirez, Christina Boatman, Zaira Garcia, Jenelle Estrada, Jordon Foster, Vanessa Medrano, Matt Corey, Kellie Waller, Betsy Purdes, Michael Ju, Kayley Hoag
Secretarial Branch:
Angelina Medellin
Dang Ton, Alex Milloy
Chris Le, Trina Nguyen
Ivy Markwell
Service Branch!
Service Vice President:
Natalee Ball
Blood Drive Coordinator:
Sunny Kim
Campus Projects Directors:
Cynthia Ramirez, Marcus Prado
Community Projects Directors:
Aize Igori, Grecia Gutierrez
MBU Coordinator:
Andrew Thompson
PHEP Chairs:
Emily Ann Pack, Vanessa Medrano
Scouting and Youth:
Christina Boatman
GSU Coordinator:
Emily James
Jordan Shafer
Assistant Treasurer:
Chris Le
Fundraising and Merchandise:
Yousef Saleh, Vanessa Medrano
Upcoming Events:
  • 9/21 – Pics or it didn’t happen 6:30pm
  • 9/21 – Reading Aces 4pm
  • 9/22- Get cool with the Outsiders
  • 9/23 – -S-P-E-E-R-S-> talk about cats at cream whiskers
Finally, a chapter picture!



ARAPOUT: September 1-11, 2016

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Here’s what the chapter has been up to the first couple of weeks of September:

Football and Flag!

And did I mention UT won both games?!


Alpha Rho looks forward to welcoming our new pledges at meeting this Sunday!

Brother of the Week: Marcus Prado

AoTW Marcus Prado

Officers of the Week: AMC Chairs Christian Chapa, Trevor Young, and Sandro Cervantes


Upcoming Events:
  • 9/12 Speed Friending 6pm
  • 9/12 Illuminati plays football 7pm @ Clark Field
  • 9/13 Info Session 7pm @ UTC 4.104
  • 9/14 Bowling with the bRhos 7pm @ union underground
  • 9/17 INSTALL, dinner, and Blazer Tag with new pledges!!!
  • 9/18 First Pledge Meeting!

Week of September 11, 2016: Marcus Prado

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AoTW Marcus Prado

Congratulations to this week’s Member of the Week, Marcus Prado!

Marcus is an MIS major graduating in May 2017. He pledged Texas APO as a Krenek, and his favorite events are flag runs and preparing/handing out condoms for PHEP.

Marcus’s favorite thing about APO as a whole is the friendship. In his words, “It’s easy to feel alone on such a big campus but having them to talk to and hang out with has been the best thing.” A fun fact about him is that he enjoys writing poetry!

This week, Marcus was chosen at Member of the Week because of his early dedication to recruitment and flag this semester. Congrats again, Marcus!

ARAPOUT: Summer in Review

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Texas APO had a great Summer 2016! Here are some of the things our bRhothers were up to…

Service and Friendship in NOLA!
Studying abroad and exploring Europe!
We hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Stay tuned for updates about Fall 2016 chapter activities.



State of the Chapter-September 8th

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Times, they are a-changing. Meetings, they are a-changing. 389 words.

Meetings are important. And yet, meetings are boring. Attendance and participation are at times poor. It shouldn’t be this way, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

A lot of people don’t like coming to meeting – and they have every right to feel that way. If you’re not an officer, your role at meeting is to spend an hour listening to people rattle off whatever is written on a slide and then shout “Ayeeee” or “Nayyyy” – and occasionally add to discussion if you disagree with something. But, being normal people, we don’t debate that an hour service project is worth an hour, or that spending time at a flag run is in fact worth a flag credit. Sure, you learn about the events going on that week, but you don’t get anything out of meeting that you can’t get somewhere else.

We spend more time going through the motions of meeting than we do actually talking to each other. Chapters that are almost twice as big as we are spend almost half as long on meeting.
So, starting this Sunday, meetings are going to be different. Starting this Sunday, we’re not going to pass every item line by line. We’re going to be grouping things into slides, and passing them as blocks – if you want to discuss a specific topic in detail, you can pull it for further discussion, like we do for requirements. Meeting slides will be available further in advance, and presented on screen for review. Big events will still be passed separately.

We’ll start advertising specific events during announcements so that pledges and actives can get information at the same time. This way, we don’t have to listen to things twice, and officers don’t have to repeat themselves. This is going to make meetings shorter. We’re going to start using that time to hold mini-events. Resume Review, Family Feud, Packet/Card Making. You can start to expect these events and more at meeting.

So, in short: We’re killing bureaucracy to make meetings shorter, more meaningful, and more interactive. We won’t just be listening to officers talk forever. We’re going to use the time we save to get to know each other better, and hold events for credit.

Tony Cummings

Chapter President

Week of September 4, 2016: Andrew Thompson

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AoTW Andrew Thompson

Congratulations to last week’s Member of the Week, Andrew Thompson!

Andrew is a junior from Valencia, California. He is part of the Cavender pledge class and is majoring in Exercise Science with a Business Foundations Certificate. A fun fact about him is that he once placed in the top 15 competitors out of over 2000 at a national high school sports medicine competition!

The chapter awarded Andrew with MoTW this week because of his hard work in picking up the opening shift for recruitment 3 out of the 5 days last week!

Andrew’s favorite service project is Merit Badge University (MBU), and his favorite part about our chapter is that we are so diverse but “come together for a common cause…to help others.”  Congrats again, Andrew!

State of the Chapter-August 20th

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I never considered myself a leader before I joined APO. And there’s a chance that someone reading this might not consider themselves a leader now. These officer positions represent an opportunity to grow, and to try new things. You’ll be joining a genuinely incredible and supportive group of people who will support you every step of the way. Even when you falter, and even when you feel like giving up.

It’s never fun; having to reopen officer positions or advertise them continuously. It’s easy to get the impression that this means there’s a lack of interest in the chapter, or that we’re shrinking or the sky is falling or what have you. But I don’t believe that’s true. If you subscribe to that line of thinking, you’re ignoring the dedication and loyalty of 144 active brothers. You’re ignoring the selfless dedication, loyalty, and brotherhood that make Alpha Rho great.

You’ll never see an award given out to the brother who drives another brother to the doctor’s office. You’ll never see a facebook post about the brother who gave another brother the courage and motivation to get out of bed and face the day. And the brothers who helped me face my anxiety and consider myself a leader will never receive Elmer. Brotherhood is its own award – and it’s something that we don’t recognize and celebrate enough.

What you give to this chapter, it will give back to you.

But we can also be hurtful to one another. Our now former LVP resigned for very legitimate personal reasons. This chapter can give you things that you did not give it – and sometimes harmful cycles can be hard to break. But brotherhood is what breaks those harmful cycles, and brotherhood is what helps you move past the hurt and focus on creating the good.
There is a genuine and awesome desire in this chapter to do great things, and to be great to one another. The stress of life and university can sometimes make that seem ridiculous or silly. But at the end of the day, it’s all that everyone wants.

We’ve got a very exciting semester ahead of us. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope y’all are too.

As always, you can message me on facebook, or send me an email at if you want to talk about anything mentioned here. I’m an open book.

Tony Cummings, Fall 2016 Alpha Rho President

Week of April 13, 2016: Devin Quintana

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Pledge of the Week


Congrats to last week's Pledge of the Week: Devin Quintana!

Devin is currently a first year student at UT planning to major in Advertising and RTF. He was rewarded Pledge of the Week by attending Alpha Phi Omega's Co-Sectionals Conference. Devin was one of the few students to represent our chapter at the event, and one of the only pledges! He has also been participating in many of hour other activities by contributing many service hours to our organization. He is most excited about being able to contribute and volunteer with our chapter, and in his free time he enjoys reconnecting with his friend's back in his hometown.


Week of April 6th, 2016: Pledge Faith Meza

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Pledge of the Week


Congrats to our Pledge of the Week this past week: Faith Meza!

Faith is a second year Public Health major. She was awarded pledge of the week because during our Girl Scouts University (GSU) event, Faith taught first aid to the Junior Girl Scouts. Without Faith this past week, our GSU event would not have run so smoothly and our events rely on the teachers so much that we really appreciated a pledge stepping up and teaching for our event! She is most looking forward to the many relationships she is going to be building in APO along with being able to volunteer more. In her free time she enjoys just relaxing and watching Netflix.


State of the Chapter-March 29th

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We are quickly approaching the very first Girl Scout University!!! This is a very exciting event that our Girl Scout University Coordinators have been working very hard all year to put on successfully! They and their committee have been working so diligently on this event, and it will show on Saturday! Our first GSU is going to be great due to their hard work. If you are a volunteering at GSU,  thank you for helping make this event a success! If you see either of our coordinators, make sure to thank them for all of their hard work.

This weekend is also Pledge-Active Picnic. This is a very important event for our chapter, and our Fellowship Chairs have been working diligently to plan a fun and exciting event. This is an event that, every semester, allows our chapter to come together as one. We will have a chance to just relax in this beautiful spring weather as one chapter. This event allows our chapter to come back together every semester. Wear your pledge class shirt, no matter how long ago you pledged. Use this event as an opportunity to come back together with your pledge class, use it as a big-little event, and use it as a time to meet a new bRHOther. This event has always been one of my favorite events of each semester, make it one of yours.

Today we will be passing our Operations Manual changes and starting discussion on this year’s Bylaws changes. This semester we are making some significant changes to both documents. I encourage you to approach these changes with an open mind. During meeting, ask questions, give your opinions, but please do not shut down changes before a constructive discussion has had a chance to occur. Our Bylaws and Operations Manual Chairs have worked so hard all semester to hear what the chapter wanted to change. They have made themselves available regularly to hear changes from all members. Now is the time for the chapter as a whole to look over these changes and approve which ones they feel will allow our chapter to continue to grow. Always remember that no change will go into affect without chapter approval.

The chapter has been able to accomplish great things so far this semester. I am so proud of our chapter officers and our chapter members and everything they have done this semester. Our officers this semester have shown so much dedication to the chapter and I thank each and every one of you. I encourage you all to keep up the hard work on this home stretch. We are one chapter, one officer team, and I hope that we can continue the great we all strive to accomplish as this semester continues.

Cassie Isbell

Chapter President