ARAPOUT: October 16, 2016

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Here’s what Alpha Rho has been up to over the past week…

OU Weekend!!
Service at the Baldwin Elementary Carnival!
Skating and kayaying our way to friendship…
And running the flag at the Iowa State game!


Happy Monday! We hope you have a wonderful week, and stay tuned for upcoming events, including FORMAL, BLOOD DRIVE, and a GRILLED CHEESE FUNDRAISER! :)

Week of October 2, 2016: Ivy Markwell

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Congratulations to our wonderful Webmaster, Ivy Markwell! Ivy is a senior mathematics major and Pfeffer. Her favorite service projects are Inside Books, UTSS, and Austin Animal Center!

This week, Ivy was awarded Member of the Week because she leads the chapter in leadership credits, has been very active in service, and is doing a great job managing all things web-related for the chapter! A fun fact about Ivy is that she can say the alphabet faster backwards than forward. :)

Congrats again, Ivy!

Flag Coordinators – Melody Kelm & Jennifer Jones

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Congratulations to our officers of the week (10/2 – 10/8), Melody Kelm and Jennifer Jones!


Melody is Petroleum Engineering major, and is also getting a certificate in Business Foundations. She loves being a flag coordinator because she gets to be in charge of the world’s largest Texas flag. “It’s a UT tradition and I have loved being a part and continuing that tradition. I also like the hat,” said Melody. When she isn’t studying or working with the flag, Melody spends her time as a TA for the volleyball class here on campus.

Jenn is a Chemistry and Petroleum Engineering double major. “I like flag because of the school spirit and adrenaline rush that happens when you run it and you get to feel like part of a whole,” said Jenn. She was also named most humorous in high school.

Thank you to our dedicated flag coordinators for making OU weekend a success!

Alumni Advisor Liaison – Matthew Edwards

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Congratulations to our officer of the week (9/25 – 10/1), Matthew Edwards!


Matthew is currently majoring in electrical engineering. He enjoys this officer position because it gives him a chance to speak with our knowledgeable alumni and advisors. Matthew has also never been within 50 feet of a horse.

A big thanks to Matthew for keeping our alumni and advisors continuously involved with what Alpha Rho is up to!

State of the Chapter-October 2nd

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State of the Chapter – Now I am become Death, Destroyer of Meetings – 575 words

Something historic happened tonight and if you weren’t at Executive Meeting, you missed it. We held this chapter’s last executive business meeting (We also voted to eject Trevor from meeting for funsies – you can do that!) That’s a bit weird to read, I know.

I’ll be blunt: Executive Meeting as it is now (And nearly every incarnation of it that I’ve seen) accomplishes nothing. The new meeting format made this even more apparent. Executive Meeting was never intended to just be “Diet Chapter Meeting-Lite” but that’s what it became. That’s not good – so we’re going to change it.

But – that meeting credit isn’t going away. Starting next week, that time will now serve as a place for Branch meetings (On a rotating basis to be determined. One week will be Membership, another will be Leadership, so on and so forth.) Everyone is welcome to attend in order to give feedback and take a peek at how a branch is run. You’ll still get credit for attending, and I’ll do my best to make sure another event is scheduled around the same time. The notable exceptions will be when we make changes to Opsman and Bylaws, and when we open nominations for elections – Only then will we hold a traditional Executive Meeting.

It seems that every day I’m reminded that I’m proud to be your chapter president. And October, being as busy as it is, makes that even more apparent. There’s OU Weekend, Longhorn Halloween and Blood Drive. Along with countless other great recurring events (Like Elmercise, for when you inevitably eat too much fried food at the fair next weekend). All the officers involved in all of these projects (And all the others I didn’t list) have put in a fantastic amount of work planning them. Seriously, they deserve more praise than the occasional applause at meeting – the dedicated and fantastic officers we have are what make this chapter work. And this change to Executive Meeting represents us as a chapter respecting their time more. Officers should spend time planning and doing, not sitting in Al Kiva passing the same motions they will on Sunday anyway.

To shift gears a bit – Heismeyers, I’m so happy you’re here. Your skits are great and I love the enthusiasm you’ve brought to our chapter so far. I’m trying hard to get to know all of you, but don’t be afraid to shame me if I botch your name. Recently, you elected your pledge class officers, who will go on to make many important decisions for your pledge class. I’ve heard that a lot of you ran for positions– which is awesome. I want to congratulate everyone who ran, seriously. It takes real courage to run for an officer position, and whether you got the position or not, you’re a valued member of this chapter and have a lot to offer everyone. I mean hey, I ran for pledge class service chair of the Krenek Pledge Class and lost, so not getting a position isn’t that bad. Your fellow Heismeyers and brothers support you no matter what.

This chapter has a great future ahead of it. And we’re all building it together – piece by piece, day by day. As always, reach out to me on facebook or at if anything is on your mind, or use the form . I love to listen.

Tony Cummings

Chapter President

ARAPOUT: Week of October 2, 2016

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Here’s what the chapter has been up to in the last week….

Buddy of the Week!

oct2-arapout-7 oct2-arapout-6 oct2-arapout-5 oct2-arapout-4 oct2-arapout-3 oct2-arapout-2 oct2-arapout-1

Flag Practice!

oct2-arapout-13 oct2-arapout-12 oct2-arapout-11 oct2-arapout-10 oct2-arapout-9 oct2-arapout-8

Longhorn Lights Out!


Happy birthday to…
Jenny Townzen & Skylar Nielsen 9/27
Erika Hurst 9/28
Rachel West 9/29
Devin Amatya 10/3
Grace Chung 10/4
Sunny Kim & Gerlou Shyy 10/7
Cynthia Ramirez & Alex Milloy 10/11
Elisabeth Dupus 10/12
Kayley Hoag 10/14
Service Shovel: Amy Jeans


And finally, we can’t wait for OU Weekend this upcoming weekend!


Week of September 25: Sarah Bayless

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Congratulations to the Brother of the Week for the week of Sept. 25, Sarah Bayless! Sarah was awarded BOTW this week because of how helpful she was at Pledge Retreat and her constant dedication and positivity regarding Texas APO!

Sarah is a microbiology senior who pledged APO last semester as a Frishman. She is co-recruitment chair for Spring 2017! Her favorite thing about APO is the diversity of projects and people, but she especially enjoys community service projects because of the opportunity they grant members to see new parts of Austin and give back to the city. Aside from APO, Sarah is involved with Texas Outdoors, a club which she is an officer of as well.

An interesting fact about Sarah is that she recently applied to the Peace Corps and is waiting to schedule her interview! If all goes well, she plans to spend the next few years working with them. Good luck, and congrats again, Sarah!

Week of September 18: Hao Hue

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Congratulations to the Brother of the Week for 9/18-9/25, Hao Hue!

Hao is a junior neuroscience major who pledged APO as a Frishman last spring. Her favorite APO event has been PAP, and she loves her APO family!

Apart from APO, Hao is involved with Texas Bluebonnets, a spirit organization. She also conducts research in a neuropsychology lab. A fun fact about Hao is that she never learned to swim!

Congrats again to Hao, and let’s hope she learns to swim soon! 😉

Campus Projects Directors – Marcus Prado & Cynthia Ramirez

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Congratulations to our officers of the week, Marcus Prado and Cynthia Ramirez!


Marcus is majoring in Management Information Systems. “The Campus Projects Director position allows us to be more involved in both the chapter and the campus events,” said Marcus. “We can really make an impact on the kind of service we do and truly benefit the university.” Even though he hasn’t had the time recently to do so, Marcus also enjoys writing poetry.

Cynthia is a Biology major. She likes her officer position because it lets her directly impact the kind of volunteering APO does on campus, and it also allows her to gain some leadership experience. Cynthia is also super competitive, and turns almost anything into a contest.