Service Shovel of the Week 4/2

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Jake Herrel

Congrats to Jake for winning the Service Shovel of the Week! Jake is a junior studying Government at UT. Jake got service shovel for teaching the Troupe Performer class at GSU, teaching the service project at GSU, and helping out with the storage run after the event. Jake also says that his favorite thing about APO is the people!

Service Shovel of the Week 3/26

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Congrats to Mehdi for receiving the Service Shovel of the Week!

Mehdi is currently in his first year at UT studying Economics. He won the Service Shovel because of his outstanding work during the Blood Drive. In fact, Mehdi had the most Blood Drive hours. When asked what he likes most about APO, Mehdi said he really enjoys “the sense of brotherhood that is always present in the fraternity”!

Service Shovel of the Week 3/12

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Congrats to Sammy Calkins for receiving Service Shovel of the Week!

Sammy is in his first year majoring in government. He received the service shovel for coordinating the Armadillo Camporee service project in the absence of the Scouting and Youth Director. Sammy says he loves APO because he knows that whenever he is bored,  “there is something he can do with APO to bring him out of the slump.”

Service Shovel of the Week 3/5

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Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.38.55 PM

Congrats to Evan for earning Service Shovel of the Week!

Evan is a freshman accounting major who won the shovel for pulling 5 shopping carts and a chainsaw out of Waller creek during the creek clean up! What Evan loves about APO the most is how surprising it is to him how he can feel connected to each individual in this organization, despite APO being such a large group. Fun Fact: Evan also loves pugs.

Spring 2017 Recruitment

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Interested in joining one of the nation’s premier service organizations? The Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega has recruitment every Fall and Spring semester, so don’t delay, join today!

Our pledging process is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3:

0) Find out about APO! Attend some of our information sessions and recruitment events to find out a bit about what we are and what we do. Free food and free friends will be available at all meetings! Also, join our Facebook page for Prospective members to keep up with events.

1) Come to Install. The next install will be February 3rd. This is where you officially start your time as a pledge in Alpha Phi Omega!

2) Do that whole pledgeship thing. During the next two months you will have the opportunity to learn more about APO, take part in a wide variety of service projects, participate in leadership development events, make a ton of friends, and did we mention, run the world’s largest Texas flag? Also, if it wasn’t abundantly clear, we are a ZERO HAZING organization without any tolerance for intolerance. Everyone who completes pledging requirements will be able to join APO.

3) Become an Active Member! Towards the end of the semester, once you have completed your pledge process, you will be eligible to join Alpha Phi Omega as an active member! Congratulations!

Info Session Times

Locations will be listed here when we have rooms reserved. We look forward to seeing you!

  • January 23rd – 5:00 PM (Monday)
  • January 25th – 8:00 PM (Wednesday)
  • January 27th – 4:00 PM (Friday)
  • January 29th – 1:00 PM (Sunday)
  • January 31st – 6:00 PM (Tuesday)
  • February 2nd – 8:00 PM (Thursday)

Recruitment Events

  • January 24th – 6:00 PM: Speed Friending! (It’s like speed dating, but platonic)
  • January 26th – 7:00 PM: Movie Night
  • January 28th – 10:00 AM Service Project, then to lunch!
  • January 30th – 5:00 PM Prospective FLAG RUN! (take part in some of our tricks with the world’s largest texas flag)
  • February 1st – 5:00 PM Capture the Flag at the Capitol! (Meet up in front of the tower at 5:00, then we’ll be on our way at 5:15!)

ARAPOUT: September 1-11, 2016

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Here’s what the chapter has been up to the first couple of weeks of September:

Football and Flag!

And did I mention UT won both games?!


Alpha Rho looks forward to welcoming our new pledges at meeting this Sunday!

Brother of the Week: Marcus Prado

AoTW Marcus Prado

Officers of the Week: AMC Chairs Christian Chapa, Trevor Young, and Sandro Cervantes


Upcoming Events:
  • 9/12 Speed Friending 6pm
  • 9/12 Illuminati plays football 7pm @ Clark Field
  • 9/13 Info Session 7pm @ UTC 4.104
  • 9/14 Bowling with the bRhos 7pm @ union underground
  • 9/17 INSTALL, dinner, and Blazer Tag with new pledges!!!
  • 9/18 First Pledge Meeting!