ARAPOUT: October 16, 2016

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Here’s what Alpha Rho has been up to over the past week…

OU Weekend!!
Service at the Baldwin Elementary Carnival!
Skating and kayaying our way to friendship…
And running the flag at the Iowa State game!


Happy Monday! We hope you have a wonderful week, and stay tuned for upcoming events, including FORMAL, BLOOD DRIVE, and a GRILLED CHEESE FUNDRAISER! :)

ARAPOUT Week of September 18, 2016

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Here’s what our bRhos have been up to for the past week…

Welcome to Alpha Rho, pledges!
Meet the families!
Member shoutouts!
Brother of the Week: Hao Hue


Officers of the Week: Co-Recruitment Chairs Jordon Foster and Gabriela Ochoa


Service Shovel: Emily Ann Pack


Birthdays: Janelle Davis (9/19) and Joseph Flores (9/20)
 And here is the Fall 2016 Officer Board!
Leadership Vice President:
JC Rudy
Flag Coordinators:
Melody Kelm and Jennifer Jones
Hannah West Nover
Alumni/Advisor Liaison:
Matthew Edwards
The Advisors!
Membership Vice President:
Jenny Townzen
Active Motivation Chairs:
Sandro Cervantes, Trevor Young, Cristian Chapa
Betsy Purdes, Zaira Garcia
Interchapter Events:
Michael Ju
Recruitment (Spring 2017):
Brian Ellis, Sarah Bayless
Pledge Program:
Pledge Trainer:
Raul Rodriguez
Old Couple:
Gabriela Ochoa, Samantha Hernandez
Angelina Medellin, Davion Antwine, JC Rudy, Chris Le, Craig Beanland, Sarah Bayless, Adam Lopez, Javi Medina, Andrew Thompson, Hao Hue, Bunmi Akindona, Cynthia Ramirez, Christina Boatman, Zaira Garcia, Jenelle Estrada, Jordon Foster, Vanessa Medrano, Matt Corey, Kellie Waller, Betsy Purdes, Michael Ju, Kayley Hoag
Secretarial Branch:
Angelina Medellin
Dang Ton, Alex Milloy
Chris Le, Trina Nguyen
Ivy Markwell
Service Branch!
Service Vice President:
Natalee Ball
Blood Drive Coordinator:
Sunny Kim
Campus Projects Directors:
Cynthia Ramirez, Marcus Prado
Community Projects Directors:
Aize Igori, Grecia Gutierrez
MBU Coordinator:
Andrew Thompson
PHEP Chairs:
Emily Ann Pack, Vanessa Medrano
Scouting and Youth:
Christina Boatman
GSU Coordinator:
Emily James
Jordan Shafer
Assistant Treasurer:
Chris Le
Fundraising and Merchandise:
Yousef Saleh, Vanessa Medrano
Upcoming Events:
  • 9/21 – Pics or it didn’t happen 6:30pm
  • 9/21 – Reading Aces 4pm
  • 9/22- Get cool with the Outsiders
  • 9/23 – -S-P-E-E-R-S-> talk about cats at cream whiskers
Finally, a chapter picture!



ARAPOUT: September 1-11, 2016

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Here’s what the chapter has been up to the first couple of weeks of September:

Football and Flag!

And did I mention UT won both games?!


Alpha Rho looks forward to welcoming our new pledges at meeting this Sunday!

Brother of the Week: Marcus Prado

AoTW Marcus Prado

Officers of the Week: AMC Chairs Christian Chapa, Trevor Young, and Sandro Cervantes


Upcoming Events:
  • 9/12 Speed Friending 6pm
  • 9/12 Illuminati plays football 7pm @ Clark Field
  • 9/13 Info Session 7pm @ UTC 4.104
  • 9/14 Bowling with the bRhos 7pm @ union underground
  • 9/17 INSTALL, dinner, and Blazer Tag with new pledges!!!
  • 9/18 First Pledge Meeting!

ARAPOUT: Summer in Review

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Texas APO had a great Summer 2016! Here are some of the things our bRhothers were up to…

Service and Friendship in NOLA!
Studying abroad and exploring Europe!
We hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Stay tuned for updates about Fall 2016 chapter activities.



ARAPOUT February 29-March 6, 2016

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Week in Review

The Project 2016

image01 image30 image06


Blood Drive!

image02 image03  image05   


Explore UT

image00 image08 image13


Texas Independence Day Parade!




image12 image14image17 


Upcoming Events

SURE Walk! Sign up! Do it for Craig!



Below the Belt

March 31 at 6pm in UTC 3.132

Earn a leadership AND a friendship credit!

Presented by The Q!

image22 image27 image31


Officer of the Week


Emily James

Pfeffer, Fall 2015


Member of the Week


Emily Ann Pack

Pfeffer, Fall 2015


Pledge of the Week


Ellen Hammond


Service Shovel


Jessica Reyes

Frischman, Spring 2016


ARAPOUT February 15-28, 2016

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Week in Review

Marathon Kids! (2/14)

image04 image02


Frisbee on the South Mall! (2/17)

image00 image01 image09


MBU (2/20)

Thank you to everyone who helped out with MBU this past weekend! An extra special thanks to Brian for doing such a good job!

image12 image08 image05


Steel Pandamonium! (2/23)

Great job Brian, Hannah, Kason, Tommy, and Alyssa!



X Marks the Spot (2/26)

We had two APO teams and seven volunteers help out! We raised over $850 for the charity Water to Thrive!

image11 image14 image16


The Project 2016! (2/27)

image13 image17 image19 image20 image21 image22



image23 image24 image25 image26 image27 image28 image30 image32 image33


Upcoming Events!

Blood Drive!

Sign up for blood drives times literally all this week from 9am-5pm in front of SSB and GSB!



Explore UT!

Come help teach kids our flag tricks and open the flag up for closing!



Match Ups this Friday!

Do ya got a big yet? Make sure to ask an active you have in mind, because they need to pref you on their application. Fill out the application by this Thursday at noon!

Officers of the Week


Megan Oard and Elizabeth Wilson

Beaus, Spring 2013

Alumni Advisor Liaison

Member of the Week

OotW copy

Old Couple

Eric Garcia and Sarah Dilworth


Circa 2012

Pledge of the Week


Talia Lassiter

Service Shovel


Gabby Ochoa


X Marks the Spot, 3/6 swim meets, The Project, packet stuffing, etc


ARAPOUT February 8-14, 2016

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Week in Review

Installation! (2/5)

 image06 image03 image02


Report to State (2/6)

Thank you to Emily and Lauren for doing such a good job organizing Report to State! Also thank you to all the bRHOthers who helped with the event!

image08 image09 image13


Ace of (Cup)cakes (2/11)

This was a very successful friendship event thanks to Jenny and Michael! Lots of bRHOthers came out to decorate and eat lots of cupcakes while watching The Princess Bride.


image11 image12


Pledge Retreat (2/12)

image32 image33 image43


Friendship! Lots of friendship this week!

image14 image15 image18


More friendship!

image21 image22 image20


Love is in the Air

image23 image24 image26 image31image29 image27


Events Coming Up

MBU Events This Week! 

How to Teach an MBU Class: Right after meeting!

MBU Storage Unit Run: Feb 16 at 4:30

Youth Protection Training After Exec: Feb 16 at 7:30

MBU Packet Stuffing: Feb 16 at 10:00 and Feb 18 at 8:00

MBU Overnight: Feb 19 at 5:00 in UTC

MBU: Feb 20 from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM in UTC



Come help with the flag at the men’s basketball game against West Virginia University on Tuesday, Feb 16 at 5:00!


Officer of the Week


Natalee Ball

Cavender, Spring 2015


Member of the Week


Dang Ton

Krenek, Fall 2014


Pledge of the Week


Andres Forero


Service Shovel


Jordon Foster

Pfeffer, Fall 2015



Follow us!

@TexasAPO on both Twitter and Instagram

@ElmerTZilch on Twitter and Snapchat and Facebook