Alpha Rho Advocates

Thank you for looking to support Alpha Rho Chapter.


As the University of Texas’ Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, we work to be the premier, inclusive, campus-based, leadership development organization through the provision of service to others and the creation of community.


Give a gift of $25 or more and receive one year of membership benefits, including an exclusive membership pin, updates on the doings of the chapter, and invitation to and recognition at Alumni events every Fall.


Your contribution to Alpha Rho will further enable us to work towards this vision. By supporting the traditions that make Alpha Rho unique, and enabling us to have a greater impact in the community, your gift today helps ensure that Alpha Rho can continue our incredible program of service for years to come.


Alpha Rho Advocates is a membership group that supports the long-term goals of the Alpha Rho Chapter. The big (Texas-sized) line item here is the replacement of Texas Flags for use at football games, parades, and flag drops. These events are very special and especially unique, enabling us to play a valuable role in both our University’s spirit and tradition. You gift today will help us keep this culture bright, alive, and as awe-inspiring as ever.


Other goals of Alpha Rho Advocates include ensuring that Alpha Rho maintains a diverse membership from all social and economic backgrounds. Our chapter dues, while significantly below other organizations with similar programs, will continue to be a struggle for our most economically challenged brothers. You contribution will help us ensure that these brothers stay a part of the chapter, and that they can continue contributing to Alpha Phi Omega and the community beyond.


Lastly, Alpha Rho Advocates recognizes the importance of the broad Alpha Phi Omega community. Whether it was dinner with the OU Chapter before the big rivalry game, meeting new friends at sectionals, or traveling to a National Conference, just about every Alpha Rho brother has a story about a brother outside of Alpha Rho. Your membership in Alpha Rho Advocates will furthermore enable economically challenged brothers to attend sectional, regional, and national conferences where travel or lodging costs might otherwise prove prohibitively expensive. These events enable Alpha Rho brothers to share their know-how with other chapters, and furthermore learn from other chapters valuable practices to bring back to Alpha Rho.


We thank you again for considering contributing to Alpha Rho Advocates. Hook’em!



Your contribution of $25 can enable a brother to attend a Section Conference! 

Your contribution of $85 can celebrate Alpha Rho’s 85th anniversary!

Your contribution of $200 can keep two brothers active who are unable to pay dues!

Your contribution of $500 can help us towards purchasing a new parade flag!

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