Once you are matched with your dream big, you will join a beautiful family. Each family is unique and special in its own very way! Our bRHOtherhood is quite diverse.

Black Hand

"Through its purported connections to the June 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, the Black Hand may have been one of the principal catalysts to the start of World War I." -Wikipedia Founded on the principles of not taking ourselves too seriously and being super diverse, The Black Hand are devoted to being the loudest and proudest family in Alpha Rho. We have fun, don't take ourselves seriously, and will always be seen declaring our family pride whenever we get the chance!


For centuries, a family known as the DJs in this chapter of Alpha Phi Omega have roamed the campus of the University of Texas. With a reputation for giving the least amount of shits and having the best taste in music, this family has always been the life of any party in Alpha Rho. However, they still lacked one thing- a muse for their creative spirits. But in 2010, one Canadian gave them that muse, with a debut album called Thank Me Later. The DJs fell head over heels, and Drake has sung and rapped his way into their hearts in no time, and has resided there ever since. In 2015, the DJs officially dedicated their family to the 6 God by declaring that “DJs” now stands for “Drake’s Jumpmen.” This faithful group currently aims to follow in the footsteps of beloved Aubrey. In doing so, they now have a reputation for always being the most chill at meetings, and the most lit at parties. The aux cord will always have a place to reside as long as this family is still around. What a time to be alive.


“Greens for $1.50 and damn well worth it!” The Greens are a close-knit and laid back family that is accepting of brothers from many different backgrounds. We enjoy spending our family nights at places on and around campus where we can catch up with each other. We also like to try new things that our out of our comfort zone to spice things up every now and then. Come join the family that’s a chocolate cupcake: A classic you’d eat any day because we are just that good.


Founded on a cold winter night in 2014, the Illuminati came into being when a group of actives found out about the conspiracies in APO. These actives banded together and formed the Illuminati. Shrouded in mystery, these actives worship the triangle, representative of the three cardinal principles. The symbol of the triangle is sacred to these brothers. They can be identified by their hand sign, a triangle formed with their hands. These brothers represent the best of what Alpha Rho has to offer. Since it’s inception, the Illuminati has had a long history of brothers active and excited for all leadership, friendship, service, and flag, the complete brother. The Illuminati meets in secret, with their next move always being a mystery.


To trace the ancestry of the Outsiders, one must travel hundreds of millions of years into the into the Jurassic period. In the beginning, our ancestors originated from vicious meat-eating dinosaurs. One day, a dinosaur decided there just wasn’t enough friendship going around with dinosaurs eating other dinosaurs n’ all so it started the Outsiders as a way of calling other dinosaurs “fam”. Thusly, our family was started by the first ever philosopher named Philosoraptor. Yes, we’re older than APO itself , and even older than human-kind as a species. We spend most our free time worshipping and understanding the teachings of Philosoraptor. However, when we’re not being so cultish, we are a small, close-knit family that loves embarking on anything from hiking to video games. Everyone in the family is an anthropomorphic dinosaur with diverse interests so anyone is welcome, and trust us we don’t bite.


The >-S-P-E-E-R->s live by the motto “Always classy, never trashy, and just a little bit nasty.” We are probably the nicest people you will ever meet, unless you cross us. We are one of the oldest families in APO, and come from a time when families were named after the oldest active member in the family. Our namesake, Gary Speer, founded the >-S-P-E-E-R->s in the 1980s. We are one of the largest families in APO, and Big/Little reveal is our favorite day because it means bringing new people into our lives. >-S-P-E-E-R->s are found at almost every service event and are extremely active in the chapter, exemplifying the qualities of leadership, friendship and service. We may not always follow the rules, but we love the color purple and adorable pandas and will always have food.


Born from the ashes of Outsiders, Illuminati, and the Vigilantes, we rose to become one of the most chaotic families. From the very beginning we sought to overthrow the establishment while dining on breakfast food for lunch and dinner. Our family isn't for the weak of heart or the sane of mind. Our family is the Anarchy.