Active Motivation Chairs – Patrick Campbell and Nathaniel Belachew

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Officer(s) of the Week

Congratulations to our Officer(s) of the Week: Patrick Campbell and Nathaniel Belachew, Active Motivation Co-Chairs!

Patrick is a fourth year Sociology major with a minor in Rhetoric and Writing. His favorite service project is a tie between Inside Books and Bread Pantry. His favorite thing about APO is the atmosphere of mutual success that exists between the members. Everyone works to make sure that everyone is at their best and doing their best in order to optimize success, not only within APO, but outside of the organization as well.

Nathaniel is a Sociology major with a minor in Psychology. His favorite service project is The Q. His favorite thing about APO is the ability to make a lot of great friends who have the same interests as you. He loves to do research about which stores sell pop-tarts at the cheapest price.

Week of February 7, 2016: Davion Antwine

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Congratulations to the first Spring 2016 Active of the Week, Davion Antwine! 

Spotlight of Contributions: Davion has quickly proven himself as a very involved active this semester, especially during Active Appreciation Week, when he sent many of his fellow members kind and encouraging messages.


Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Geography
Classification: Senior
Pledge Class: Pfeffer (Fall ’15)
Favorite Service Project(s): Bread Pantry
Interests: Cooking and Dancing!

Each week, this page will feature an awesome Alpha Rho active – stay tuned!

ARAPOUT February 1-7, 2016

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Week in Review



We would like to thank everyone who helped out with recruitment these past few weeks! It’s really nice to see when hard work pays off. Welcome to APO, Frischman Pledge Class!


Prospective Flag Run

One thing that makes our chapter unique is the chance to run the world’s largest Texas flag on the football field at games, and smaller flags for other events. We had a great time at the prospective flag run this past week, and we hope you all get a chance to get your hands on the flag soon!


What's Coming Up

Family Nights

Each week, every family in APO chooses a night to get together and do something fun, like eat food, dance, watch a movie, or go to a sporting event. Anyone and everyone is welcome to any family’s events, so look online to see which ones fit your schedule. It’s a great opportunity to meet actives and learn which family might fit you best.   

image04    image14 

Pledge Retreat

February 12th at 7:00 pm

Come bond with your fellow pledge brothers, Old Couple, PT, and PTC while doing service!

Pledge 2    Pledge

Marathon Kids at the Austin Marathon

February 14th


Merit Badge University

MBU!!! Merit Badge University will be all day Feb. 20th! We will be helping teach scouts merit badge skills and know-how, and will be facilitating 1400 scouts and families in their visit to the UT Campus! We hope that every single one of you can help out at our biggest service project of the year!

A Match Made in APO: Meeting Your Big

In APO, we let you choose your Big! You’ll learn a lot more about the process in the following weeks, but for now, it’s important to get to know actives and think about who you might want to choose. A great way to do this is by going to service projects and friendship events throughout the week. Your Big can be a mentor, a best friend, a friendly face, anything you want it to be. Here’s a few of our favorite Big/Littles in APO.

image16 image11 image10   

Officers of the Week


Untitled copy

Patrick Campbell and Nathaniel Belachew, AMC Co-Chairs

Member of the Week

Untitled copy

Davion Antwine

Pfeffer, Fall 2015

Service Shovel

Service Shovel 2:7

Lauren Loper and Emily Hannon

State of the Chapter-February 8th

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My name is Cassie Isbell, and I am the Spring 2016 Alpha Rho President. This semester I will be posting weekly updates on the state of the chapter to allow actives, pledges, and alumni a way to know about the many things that occur in our chapter every week.

One of the most important things that happened over the last few weeks was the acquisition of a new Elmer T. Zilch. Elmer is one of our chapter’s most important and longest standing traditions, and it feels great to have him back. Here is a photo of the new Elmer while our wonderful Membership Vice President Jennie Gaston paints him:


Elmer means a lot to our chapter and our chapter brothers, and it just feels right to have him back in the chapter.

We are now three weeks into our semester, and we just ended Recruitment by Installing 65 pledges into the Spring 2016 Abe Frishman Pledge Class. Our Recruitment Coordinators, Maira Flores and Andrea Mata, worked very hard to plan and implement this successful Recruitment season. Our Pledge Trainer, Old Couple, and Pledge Training Committee are all very excited to start helping our newest members become great leaders in APO.

So far this semester the chapter has worked 1,508.5 hours of service at over 50 different service events! The entire Service Branch has been working incredibly hard to create a diverse and accessible service program that allows all members to help as many people as possible. Currently our top brother in service is Stella Miller with 69 hours of service so far, and we have over a dozen brothers with 50 or more hours of service at this point!

This past week was Active Appreciation Week, and our Active Motivation Chairs, Nathaniel Belachew and Patrick Campbell, worked very hard to create a friendly environment where all bRHOthers can feel they belong. They planned 5 different laid-back friendship events and encouraged members to post on each other’s Facebook walls tagging the posts with #AAW. They also started an Alpha Rho Compliments Page to better spread the love in the chapter. I encourage all actives, pledges, and alumni to go like the page.

This semester the Elected Exec has been working very hard to bring back a few old traditions, and start a new one. Member and Officer of the Week have been brought back. This past week’s Member of the Week was Davion Antwine because during Active Appreciation Week he posted kind words on everyone in the chapter’s Facebook walls. He has been awarded Elmer for the week for his kindness. The Officers of the Week are Nathaniel Belachew and Patrick Campbell, our Active Motivation Chairs, for their hard work planning Active Appreciation Week and the Superbowl SEISCCSMOS Potluck event. Our Secretary, Catherine Mazenko, and our Reporter, Claire Slote, have also brought the ARAPOUT tradition back to chapter meetings through an incredibly well planned presentation that you can view again here. Lastly, our awesome Service Branch has decided to start a new tradition, the Service Shovel, which is to be awarded to someone who steps up at a service event. It was awarded for the first time this week to our Flag Coordinators, Emily Hannon and Lauren Loper for all of their hard work at the Report to State Flag event/Boy Scout Event.

While this isn’t everything our wonderful chapter has done recently, it is a good overview. If you ever have any questions about APO, I encourage you to reach out to myself or any of our officers, whose names and contact information you can find here.

Thank you for reading.

Cassie Isbell, Spring 2016 Alpha Rho President

Spring 2016 Recruitment

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Interested in joining one of the nation’s premier service organizations? Come join us at one of our prospective events in the coming weeks to learn more!


Information Sessions
  • January 25th, 2016 6pm – TBA
  • January 27th, 2016 7pm – CLA 0.130
  • February 2nd, 2016 6pm – UTC 4.122
  • February 4th, 2016 7pm – UTC 4.122
Recruitment Events
  • Stress Management 101
    • January 26th, 2016 7-8pm – UTC 3.134
  • Bowling @ Union Underground
    • January 28th, 2016 7-8pm
    • Bring $2.50 for Bowling Shoes
  • Waller Creek Clean-Up
    • January 30th, 2016 12pm-2pm
  • Prospective Flag Run
    • February 1st, 2016 5-6pm – South Mall
  • Speed Friending
    • February 3rd, 2016 7-9pm – UTC 3.134